Top 10 Android’s secret settings 2022

About some such settings of Android, which are very important to know about, knowing that you will be able to call yourself a better Android user in front of others. There are some such settings in Android, after doing which you will also say what knowledge you have achieved, step by step is being given below, how to do it, what are the settings and its benefits.

Let's understand step by step how to set up

After clicking on the setting icon you will see something like this

scrolling you down

While scrolling down you will find a setting Additional setting you have to click on it.

After clicking on Additional Settings, you will see button shortcuts in the fourth option, on which you have to click.

Button shortcuts

When you come to the Button shortcut, you get first Launch camera, take a screenshot in second, partial screenshot, launch google assistant, turn off screen, turn on screen, close current app, open split screen, show menu and many more. First of all let's talk about launch camera, how can you set it up?

You can set up the camera in different ways like you can use the power button to power home and power off by using the power back button to open the camera.

You can use shortcuts in many ways, you can use shortcuts in the settings you see below, such as you can improve the way you take screenshots, turn on the flashlight with the power button and many more.

When you come out of the button shortcut, you will see the advanced settings like LEDs Light Quick Ball One Handed Mode Clear Speaker in which you can drain the water filled into the speaker from Killer Speaker then click on Accessibility below that where But let us tell you about a great setting.

click on Accessibility

After clicking on Accessibility, you will get General setting Vision setting Hearing setting and Physical setting By going to all these settings, you can turn on many settings according to your convenience, which will make it very easy for you to operate the phone, which you would not have come before.

After this you have to come outside the additional setting, on top of that you will find the app setting, on which you have to go inside by clicking on it and you have to download an app using system Apps setting manage apps manage home screen shortcut and dual app dual app. You can make it another app in your phone like by downloading one of WhatsApp, you can create another WhatsApp from here through dual apps.

Using Dual App, any version app can be made a duplicate app, you can use two WhatsApp at the same time, you can use two Facebook at the same time in the same phone and can use many apps in two ways.

can see two facebook two whatsapp are available through dual app.

Using App Lock we can lock any app with any password, for this you will not have to download third party app from anywhere, it is available in your setting already.

There is another option in app lock which is known as hidden app, you can hide any app and the way to open it is also given below, you have to keep the screen on the screen in zoom angle with 2 finger. And your app which is already locked can see that.

how to open hidden app

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