How To: Reduce Your Water Bill


There are a lot of ways that will help you to save water and keep that bill that you always worry about, as low as it can be. It’s not that hard to save water, but you just need to think about the water being wasted and going down the drain, and if the water goes down the drain.. even your money is.

How To: Reduce Your Water Bill

  1. When washing the dishes by hand, instead of wasting water while rinsing the dishes, you can have one sink with soapy water and the other with normal water to rinse. After you’ve finished you can take some of the rinsing water and water the plants since that water would be the cleanest, but be careful that the soap is environmentally friendly if you water the plants with the rinsing water.

  2. When buying appliances such as dishwashers etc. consider buying a water saving appliance instead of a normal one that consumes a lot of water. To know if the appliance is water saving or not, look for the sticker on them with stars. If the appliances have five stars that mean it saves a lot of water. It is always a good idea to check for the star rating before thinking about buying anything.

  3. When taking a shower, try not to leave the water running while shampooing your hair or using the soap. If you have a normal shower head, consider exchanging it with the water saving shower head. They are not expensive and very easy to install. Also try shortening your shower by a minute or two, you don’t need to sing a whole opera while showering, get in, wash and get out.

  4. When washing the car, floor etc. try using a bucket full of water and a sponge/ squeezer instead of a hose, this will help you control the flow of water. If you absolutely have to use a hose, try to use a water saving nozzle, they are very common and not expensive.

  5. To water your garden, install a tank so the rain water that falls on the roof goes into the tank and you would always have some spare water to water the plants. This might need some investment since tanks are not cheap, but if you have a big garden you will get your investment back very soon.

  6. Don’t use hot running water to thaw the food, but put the food in the fridge overnight, or microwave it a little bit.

It only takes a little to change a lot, especially when the bill comes you will really see a big difference in the total and you will realize that these small things are worth their while.


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