BCCI New Rules and Regulations 2022

BCCI new cricket rules

The BCCI has issued major rule changes with the upcoming IPL 2022 season. For starters, if a match reaches a tie, the higher-ranked team will be declared the winner. Another change to the rules is that if a team is short of twelve players, the BCCI will reschedule the game.

Changes to catch dismissal strike

The BCCI has decided to make a substantial change to the position of the batsman during a caught dismissal. Under the current laws, a non-striker has the right to take the strike on the next ball if two batters cross the line before the catch is taken. This rule will no longer apply from 1 October.

The changes are part of IPL 2022. The new rule has the potential to change the result of the game. The change from the previous IPL 2021 rule is aimed at preventing a high catch and will allow a new batsman to take the strike if the previous two batters have crossed the boundary line.

The changes to the catch dismissal strike were made in order to make it fairer. The catch dismissal is now an official dismissal and is no longer considered unfair play. In the past, dismissal is often used to punish a bowler or an overstepped non-striker.

Impact player rule

The new BCCI rules will allow teams to introduce an Impact Player to their side at the end of an over or when a wicket falls. The substituted player cannot take part in the rest of the game. In addition, the Impact Player cannot be used during the first innings of a match.

The BCCI is hoping to add more variety to the T20 format by allowing participating teams to replace a player in the middle of an innings. The impact player rule will be similar to the Impact Player substitutions that are used in football, rugby, and basketball. This new rule is expected to increase the excitement in games. It will be implemented for the first time in the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Trophy 2022, which starts on 11 October.

The BCCI has released a circular to state associations that details the new rule. The new rule will make the game more interesting and competitive and will allow teams to change strategies and make tactical decisions during a match. It will also allow for one substitution per game.

Conflict of interest rules

BCCI has come out with new Conflict of Interest Rules. These new rules are based on the recommendations of the Justice Lodha Committee which investigated the structure and working of the BCCI. The committee found that the existing conflict rules were too strict and created unnecessary hurdles. It recommended that BCCI members report conflicts and undergo disciplinary hearings if they do not disclose them.

There are several aspects of the conflict of interest rules that need to be clarified. One of these is the absolute prohibition of former players from holding two or more unrelated posts. The Committee also has concerns about undue restrictions on current players. The current players who are not on an annual contract with the BCCI are not permitted to engage in gainful employment outside of the organization during the off-season.

Former cricketers cannot sit on the apex council, serve on advisory committees, or become commentators. They also cannot be on the nine-member apex council or the governing council of the IPL. The new rules also include the point table and schedule for the T20 World Cup (2022).

Fines for unauthorized departure from the Bio-Secure Bubble

The new rules are aimed at preventing cricketers from breaching the bio-secure bubble, and the consequences are serious. If a player is found to have ingested contaminated food or contaminated water, he or she will be banned from the rest of the season and could face fines of up to one crore rupees. A team can also be stripped of points for breaking bio-security protocol.

The 2022 edition of the tournament will begin on March 26. Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders will clash in the opening match. Before the match begins, the teams will be required to follow the new rules. Players found to have breached the bio-bubble will be banned for a minimum of six months, and their teams will be punished with a one-match ban if they violate them a second time.

The rules also make it mandatory for teams to implement a health and safety protocol that includes a Bio-Secure Bubble. If a team fails to comply with the new BCCI regulations, the franchise will be subject to a complaint under the franchise's section 6 operational rules. In addition to fines, players will be banned from attending matches if they do not undergo a covid test.https://www.youtube.com/embed/YHMiawiE3G4


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