How To Get Calcium if You Do Not Like Milk

 You know how important it is to get calcium in your diet but you hate milk.  What are some of your other options for getting calcium into your diet?  Consider these options.

  1. Take a calcium pill.  This way you are guaranteed to get your calcium for the day.

  2. Consider drinking soy milk.  Almond milk is also a good substitute.

  3. Eat your cheese.  This is a good source of calcium.

  4. Eat yogurt.  Yogurt is an excellent way to get calcium into your diet.

  5. Eat some cottage cheese.

  6. Grab a handful of sesame seeds.  Or consider chia seeds.

  7. Eat dark green vegetables that are leafy.

  8. Pack a punch with an orange.  Oranges are high in calcium.

  9. Broccoli is a good source of calcium.


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