How to make snowflakes in Photoshop

As I promised, I will show you how to make snowflakes.

  1. First of all, open a new document: File – New – Width: 450 / Height: 370 – OK.

  2. Using Paint Bucket Tool (G) select the color #47a6ff and apply it on the scene to change the color of the background.

3. Create a new layer: Layer – New – Layer – OK.
Using Rectangle Tool (U) and the color white, draw in the scene a similar rectangle.
4. Select Smudge Tool (R) and apply the following settings:

Zoom in (CTRL + “+”) and try to extend the right side of the rectangle and the top one too. The bottom side should be bigger, so we’re going to use Smudge Tool more. The top side should be smaller. After using it once, from left to right, starting from the top, we can make some variations from top to bottom like in the following image.

  1. It shouldn’t look exactly like this, you will see later that it doesn’t matter that much, you can try other models.

  2. After finishing with the extending, right click on the layer with the rectangle and select Duplicate Layer to make a copy.

  3. Then, Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontal.  Press V to select Move Tool and with Shift pressed, move the image to the right.

  1. Right click on the last created layer and select Merge Down ( to make this operation quicker, you can simply press CTRL + E)

  2. Press CTRL + J to make a copy of the layer and again, from the top menu, Edit – Transform – Flip Vertical.

10. You probably have the Move Tool selected. If not, press V to select it and with Shift pressed, move the image down a bit.

11. Press CTRL + E to unite the two layers. After which , CTRL + J to make another copy.

Now, Edit – Free Transform and from the settings above, at angle, add 90 degrees to spin the image – Enter.

12. Press CTRL + E again, and after that, CTRL + J.
Edit – Free Transform – from settings, change the size – W: 90% and H: 90% and after, the angle: 45 degrees.

  1. Press CTRL + E.

  2. Right click on the layer with the snowflake and select Blending Options. Check Drop Shadow and apply the following settings.

14. The snowflake is ready.

15. Hide the background layer by pressing the small eye in his left. Then , Right click on the layer with the snowflake – Blending Options – check Color Overlay – select the color black and press OK.

  1. Press CTRL + A to select everything from the scene and then from the top menu, Edit – Define Brush Preset – give it a name – OK.
    You’ve just created a brush with this snowflake.

  2. Press again on the place where the eye was, in the left side of the background layer to make it visible again, and now hide the layer with the snowflake, by doing the same, pressing on that eye.

  3. Select Brush Tool and the color white ( you can use what color you want, but I’ve used white for the snow color). Then Right click on the scene and select the last brush from the list and a size from Master Diameter.
    Now, click on the scene and you’ll see that you can add snowflakes of different sizes by changing Master Diameter.


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